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Away Games: A Chicago Cubs Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

Our friend Ken Schultz (Outsports) joins us to give us a rundown of all the news and fun from this week’s Cubs convention: Ryno’s statue, Ian Happ’s live podcast, Tom Ricketts’ attempt at crowdwork, and Nico’s rugged look. Also, analyzing the Cubs new signing, 1B/OF Trey Mancini.

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Jan 4, 2023

On our first episode of the new year, we go in depth about new Cubs signings Tucker Barnhart (official) and Eric Hosmer (not quite yet, but, pretty surely a Cub). And because it might be a little more fun, instead of a “Happy New Year 2023,” we skip ahead to 2024, look in the crystal ball, and analyze where the Cubs...

Dec 20, 2022

For the first time since Yu Darvish, the Cubs have signed a $100 million dollar player. Dansby Swanson signed a 7 year, $177 million dollar deal to presumably take over shortstop and join with Nico Hoerner in the league’s best defensive middle infield. Drew Smyly also reportedly has agreed to return, filling out the...

Dec 15, 2022

With the top three shortstops off the board, it’s time to talk about how we got here, where we go from here, and we welcome the rest of Cubs world to the emotional state we’ve been occupying for about two years. Ricketts & Kenney say the money is there, Jed Hoyer seemingly can’t find it, and now we wait to see...

Dec 8, 2022

The Winter Meetings have been crazy: shortstops are all signing for 11 years, Willson Contreras is officially a Cardinal, and Cody Bellinger and Jameson Taillon are new Cubs. We talk through all of that, and ask where do we go from here? We’ve opened the checkbook…now It’s time to keep signing those checks.